Team Spirit 22 Mile Hilly 2001.

The Team Spirit Hilly was held on Sunday May 27th 2001. A mild morning with the early rain dying out and only a mderate breeze gave pleasant racing conditions. Scratch rider Darren Otter lived up to his seeding to win the event and regular rider Chris Storer was again second with local man Richard Cordin (Chalky)in third. As predicted Rutland CC lifted the team prize

NoName and clubCatH/capTime off
45D.Otter (Rutland CC)MScratch53.00
35C.Storer (Ashfield RC)M52.1953.19
41R.Cordin (Mtlock CC)M50.4053.40
40J.Rickards (Rutland CC)M52.5953.59
30S.Pedley (Derby Mercury)M53.4254.42
15A.Cooke (VC Chesterfield)M53.3755.37
22J.Hunt (Team Dacon)M47.4956.49
16J.Froggatt (Dukinfield CC)M51.0357.03
26M.Perrin (Ashfield RC)V53.3757.37
20R.Wrenn (Macclesfield Wh)V55.4357.43
25S.Clark (Fast Track Racing)M55.5657.46
38D.Gee (Ashfield RC)M47.5157.51
36S.Keeton (Rutland CC)M55.0958.09
12M.Goddard (Derby Mercury)M47.2559.25
4M.Ivings (Buxton CC)M47.4859.48
13R.Lloyd (Westmead Team 88)M53.4959.49
32R.Birkin (Ashfield RC)M52.4959.49
11S.Foster (North Notts Olympic)M50.5459.54
27P.Valentine (Cyclesport Int)M52.371.00.37
9B.Blundell (Team Spirit)N48.441.00.44
34P.Smith (Seamons CC) M48.061.1.06
18M.Stojanovic (North Notts Olympic)V50.101.1.10
43R.Mason (Sheffield Phoenix)V52.201.1.20
28R.Shaw (Dukinfield CC)M51.001.2.00
42C.Woodward (Derby Mercury)M 56.371.2.37
24D.Clayton (Dukinfield CC)M49.421.3.42
29L.Smith (Team Orrell)M49.331.3.43
7N.Doran (Buxton CC)N53.041.5.04
19R.Cummins (Buxton CC)M49.051.5.05
44S.Morris (Team Spirit)M1.
14K.Haynes (Buxton CC)M48.571.5.57
5E.Ruthenburg (Matlock CC)V58.561.7.56
8J.Shaw (Dukinfield CC)L.V53.081.9.08
17D.Colley (Duckinfield CC)V1.
3H.Fletcher (Janus RC)V58.181.13.18
2K.Ivings (Buxton CC)N.L1.
1D.Greaves (Team Spirit)M 100
39R.Dawson (Sheffield Phoenix)M DNS
10D.Forrester (Race Scene)MapolDNS
21J.Shaw (Atom Elite)M DNS
6N.Greaves (Team Spirit)L DNS
23C.Mellor (Buxton CC)V DNS
31D.Fisher (Lancs RC)V DNS
33R.Grudzinski (Buxton CC)VapolDNS
37L.McCarty (Lancs RC)M DNS

Categories:- M = Man, L = Lady, V = Vet, N = Novice.

Thanks to Buxton Bikes and for their help with the prizws.

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Team Spirit

22Mile hilly time trial


Buxton Bikes

01298 79880

The Team Spirit hilly 22 mile time trial was held on Sunday May 28th 2000. The morning started cool and wet with a light wind, as the rain died out the wind began to rise giving the later riders a headwind finish. Doug Forrester won again for the 3rd time in a row, although Bill Moores course record of 51-51 is standing the test of time, Here is the full result :-


PosNameClubH'CapH'Cap timeActual Time
D.ForresterRace SceneScratch53-2253-22
2ndC.StorerAshfield RC3-0051-2354-23
3rdR.HuntBelper BC3-0051-4154-41
4thI.ComeryAshfield RC1-0053-4854-48
5thA.CookeVC Chesterfield1-0054-0555-05
6thS.HaywoodRutland CC2-0053-3955-39
7thM.MallenderRutland CC2-0053-4655-46
8thS.EllisRutland CC4-0052-4256-42
9thJ.ShawAtom Elite RT5-0051-4456-44
10thN.BeasleyAshfield RC9-0048-0557-05
11thM.PerrinAshfield RC5-0052-4357-43
12thC.WoodwardDerby Mercury RC8-0050-4158-41
13thM.RowleyRaleigh Factory Racing4-0054-5158-51
14thS.PedleyDerby Mercury RC1-0057-5358-53
15thS.ClarkAtom Elite RT7-0051-5758-57
16thM.DennisonTeam Spirit4-0055-0059-00
17thS.FosterNorth Notts Olympic RC9-0051-231-00-23
18thD.BanksDerby Mercury RC10-0050-351-00-35
19thB.LomasBelper BC5-0056-171-01-17
20thC.Mellor Buxton CC12-0049-361-01-36
21stD.GeeAshfield RC7-0054-571-01-57
22ndD.CubisonRutland CC6-0056-101-02-10
23rdR.AllinghamMacclesfield Wh6-0056-421-02-42
24thM.HurtNorth Notts Olympic RC9-0053-591-02-59
25thM.HowardBuxton CCL/EntryNo H'Cap1-04-12
26thD.BriandLeek CC9-0056-121-05-12
27thA.WhiteTeam Spirit8-0058-201-06-20
28thS.SantanaTeam Spirit11-0056-281-07-28
29thG.MalcolmTeam Spirit13-0057-541-10-54

An excellent prize list worth over £300 was made possible by our event sponsors. A big thankyou for their support, why not show your support and use their products and services.


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Buxton Bikes

Call Nick Lawrence on 01298 79880

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