Cycling Links

Fixed in America.

If you have to ask Why ?, you won't understand. This site is for true fixedwheel nutters, sorry I meant enthusiasts.

Cycling Time Trials

The governing body for our great sport, loads of information and a great results service, plus all the forms you need to enter or organise your own event.

Buxton Cycling Club.

Another one of Paul Carvill's creations, this site is dedicated to Buxtons first and longest running cycling club and since the creation of Team Spirit there has been much friendly rivalry.

Australian Time Trials Association.

A great site from the land below, see what goes on when we are sleeping, and yes they also have fixedwheel nutters, sorry I meant enthusiasts.

Yorkshire Road Club.

This is a new site created by Carl Saint, a fast rider who is soon to become even faster, he is trying fixed.

Fixed gear gallery.

This is a great site containing a massive collection of fixed gear bikes from around the world, take a look and show them yours.





Non cycling links

Buxton Swimming Club.

This is a great site dedicated to a lively and well run swimming club, packed with usefull information it is a must for all you swimming enthusiasts.

Ferrassic Park

This site features some amazing artwork by an old friend of mine Andy Hill. He makes steel sculptures of dinosoars right up to life size