Medium gear league 2001.

I will be running the medium gear league again in 2001, it will be run along the same lines as the 2000 league.

For those of you not familiar with the rules:-
Points will be awarded in each event, 120 for 1st, 119 for 2nd, 118 for 3rd and so on. Your best 4 rides count towards the league, so the more you ride the better your chances. There is no separate entry fee for the league, just enter the events and leave the rest to me.

The full results of each event and the league table will appear on this site as soon as I can get the results.
Medals will be awarded to the first 3 in the league together with team, vets, ladies etc.


Andy Stuart

Event 1, Manchester+District TTA 10. ( 8.6m ).

This event was held on a bright ,sunny and bitterly cold day. The event organiser took the decision to shorten the course to aprox 8.6 miles, to avoid passing a large farm whilst there is a foot and mouth crisis. Visitor to the area, Andy Stuart, Mildenhall CC made his long journy from North London worthwhile by winning the event with a 20.39. Local super twiddler Duncan Mackenzie, Crewe Clarion CC was a close 2nd with a 20.43 and Adrian Thorpe, Duckinfield CC was 3rd with 21.28.

Riders name and club
Actual timePoints
1stAndy Stuart ( Mildenhall CC )20.39120
2ndDuncan Mackenzie ( Crewe Clarion Whs )20.43119
3rdAdrian Thorpe ( Duckinfield CC )21.28118
4thPaul Green ( Westmead Team 88 / Palletline )21.52117
5thSteve Davis ( Seamons CC )22.21116
6thGreg Dancer ( Stone Wheelers ) Vet22.25115
7thMartin Trouse ( Team Spirit )---( nearly a vet )22.27114
8thSteve Morris ( Team Spirit )22.37113
9th=Paul Greer ( Manchester Wh ) Vet22.50112
9th=Bryan Ackerley ( Wrexham RC / Fibrax )22.50112
11thRobert Shaw ( Duckinfield CC ) 22.56110
12thPaul Radford ( Trans Pennine CC )22.57109
13thKevin Fletcher ( Team Spirit ) Vet23.26108
14thNick Guy ( Vegetarian C+AC )23.29107
15thDave Armstrong ( Westmead Team 88 / Palletline )23.55106
16thPeter Graham ( Lancashire RC ) Vet24.08105
17thJohn Burston ( ABC Centreville ) Vet24.48104
18thArnie Bennett ( Cyclesport International RT ) Vet24.50103
19thJohnathan Foott ( Westmead Team 88 / Palletline )24.51102
20thThomas Brackin ( Macclesfield Wheelers )25.11101
21stGraham Neagus ( Crewe Clarion Whs )25.23100
22ndPeter Smith ( Holme Valley Wh ) Vet25.5299
23rdTony Farmborough ( North Bucks RC ) Vet25.5398
24thMichael Stubbs ( Newcastle RC 2001 ) Vet26.0197
25thR.A Selley ( North Bucks RC ) Vet26.4396
26thRichard Haigh ( Holme Valley Wh ) Vet26.5195
27th Pauline Cooper ( Trans Pennine CC ) Lady V27.2494
28thDavid Steele ( Lyme Racing Club ) Vet28.02 *93

* David Steele, Lyme RC had some bad advice about the start time and ended up with a 1 min 30 sec late start penalty. Well done to all the riders and thanks to Gordon Pickering and the M+DTTA for putting the event on.

Event 2, Vegetarian C+AC 10.

This event was held on a milder but very windy afternoon, the U30 course is potentially very fast but like most dragstrips it is exposed and in windy conditions can be very hard. Nick Guy of the promoting club took the honours and also takes top spot in the league, here is the full result.

PosRiders name and club.Actual TimePoints
1stNick Guy (Vegetarian C+AC)26.12120
2ndTony Farmborough (North Bucks RC)28.35119
3rdNorman Beaumont (Alton CC+Classic)28.50118
4thJohn Pearce (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh)29.19117

Well done to all the riders, and thanks to Steve Oxbrow and the Vegetarian C+AC for putting the event on.

Event 3, Diss+District CC 25.

This event was held on a cool and overcast morning with a moderate mainly crosswind making the return leg a little harder. Zak Carr won with an event record 55.59, which is the second fastest medium gear 25 ever. Record holder, Ray Hughes was second with 57.03 and Manchester+Dist winner Andy Stuart was 3rd. 4th placed Bobby De'ath led CC Breckland to a Team win. Here is the full result.

PosRiders name and clubActual TimePoints
1stZ.Carr (
2ndR.Hughes (Clarence Wh)Vet57.03119
3rdA.Stuart (Mildenhall CC)1.0.35118
4th B.De'ath (CC Breckland)1.1.24117
5thR.Laws (Birkenhead Victoria CC)1.1.36116
6th A.Stevenson (East Anglian CC)Vet1.1.43115
7thR.Hunt (Eastern Region Velo)1.3.44114
8thM.Hudspith (Godric CC)1.5.36113
9thI.Dawson (CC Breckland)1.5.51112
10thM.Holden (Bedfordshire Road CC)1.6.10111
11thP.Chambers (CC Breckland)1.6.16110
12thM.Ascroft (Cheltenham+Co CC)1.6.43109
13thH.Sistern (Gt Yarmouth CC) Vet1.6.54108
14thN.Griffin ( )1.8.13107
15thC.Ling (Diss+District CC)1.9.24106
16thM.Nye (Diss+District CC)1.10.18105
17thA.Pearson (Wolsey RC)1.12.06104
18thT.Farmborough (North Bucks RC) Vet1.12.54103
19thR.Selley (North Bucks RC)1.13.28102
20thC.Willmets (CC Cambridge)Lady/Vet1.16.07101
21stB.Foster (Norwich Amateur BC)Vet1.16.43100
22ndC.Hutchinson (Anglia Velo) Lady1.20.0999
23rdC.Willmets (Team Cambridge)Vet1.20.3198
24thR.Lynch (East Anglian CC)Vet1.24.1497
 M.Lynch ( Diss+District CC )DNF 
 J.Ingram (Plomesgate CC)DNF 
 P.Puttick (C.C.C.P)DNS 
 K.Simmons (C.C.C.P)DNS 
 R.English (Team Spirit)DNS 
 A.Noel-Tod (CC Breckland) VetDNS 
 M.Simmons (C.C.C.P)DNS 
 S.Morris (Team Spirit)DNS 
 G.Rose (Lighthouse I.F.A.)DNS 
 M.Trouse (Team Spirit)DNS 

Well done to all the riders, and thanks to Mike Madgett and the Diss + District CC for putting the event on.

Event 4, North Bucks RC 25.

This event was held on a bitterly cold and windy afternoon, the normally quick F1 course didn't provide any fast times. Ray Hughes overcame the conditions and won with a very impressive time of 58.33, Andy Stuart actually improved his time and recorded a painfully close 1.00.00, and Duncan Mackenzie was 3rd with a 1.00.49. Here is the full result.

PosRiders name and clubActual timePoints
1stRay Hughes ( Clarence Wh ) Vet58.33120
2ndAndy Stuart ( Mildenhall CC )1.00.00119
3rdDuncan Mackenzie ( Crewe Clarion Wh )1.00.49118
4thSteve Morris ( Team Spirit )1.7.50117
5thNick Guy ( Vegetarian C+AC )1.7.54116
6thMartin Trouse ( Team Spirit )1.8.48115
7thKeith Richardson ( Mildenhall CC ) 1.11.05114
8thJohn Markham ( Kenton RC ) Vet1.16.20113
9thDick Selley ( North Bucks RC ) Vet1.17.27112
10thJohn Pearce ( Bournmouth Jubilee Wh ) Vet1.18.40111
11thBernard Smith ( Kettering Cycling Club ) Vet1.20.59110
 Barry Gilzean ( Icknield RC )D N S  
 Kevin Simmons ( CCCP )D N S  
 Martin Simmons ( CCCP )D N S  
 Phil Puttick ( CCCP ) VetD N S  
 Chris Lovibond ( Hounslow+Dist Wh ) VetD N S  
 Francis Grafton ( Nottingham Clarion CC ) VetD N S  
 Stewart House ( RT )D N S  
 Paul Reece ( Wrekinsport CC ) VetD N S  
 David Parkes ( Coventry CC ) VetD N S  

Well done to all the riders, your points were well earned today, and thank's to Tony Farmborough and the North Bucks RC for running the event.

Event 5, Altrincham Ravens CC 25.

This event was held on a mild but very wet afternoon, fortunately the mornings strong wind had dropped enough to give the riders a fairly even ride around the course, the viaduct's hill didn't seem any easier though. Ray Hughes once again posted a sub hour ride to win the event by just over a minute from local man Steve Hulme. Third place went to another local Chris Siepen and series leader Andy Stuart was 4th, The Team Spirit trio of Steve Morris, Martin Trouse and Mark Dennison took the team award. Here is the full result.

NoRiders name and clubActual timePoints
1stRay Hughes (Clarence Wh) Vet58.56120
2ndSteve Hulme (Manchester Wh)1.00.08119
3rdChris Siepen (Seamons CC)1.00.23118
4thAndy Stuart (Mildenhall CC)1.1.03117
5thDave Parks (Coventry RC) Vet1.4.50116
6thGreg Dancer (Stone Wh) Vet1.5.03115
7thSteve Morris (Team Spirit)1.5.28114
8thSteve Wood (Holme Valley Wh) Vet1.6.59113
9thIvor Wild (Rhos-on-Sea) Vet1.7.16112
10thPaul Greer (Manchester Wh) Vet1.7.26111
11thMartin Trouse (Team Spirit)1.7.52110
12thPaul Radford (Trans Pennine CC)1.8.02109
13thRay Smeathers (Stone Wh) Vet1.8.29108
14thDuncan Mackenzie (Crewe Clarion)1.9.00 +107
15thPaul Reece (Wrekin Sport CC) Vet1.10.16106
16thFinbarr O'Keefe (Wrekin Sport CC)1.11.21105
17thJim Ogden (Altrincham Ravens CC) Vet1.11.34104
18thAlan Hodgkinson ( Huddersfield Star Wh) Vet1.14.13103
19thPeter Smith (Holme Valley Wh) Vet1.14.21102
20thMark Ragan (Rochdale Triathlon)1.14.45101
21stMark Dennison (Team Sprit)1.15.05100
22ndKathryn Smith (Nottingham Clarion) L/Vet1.15.5599
23rdRichard Haigh (Holme Valley Wh) Vet1.16.3898
24thTony Millington (Buxton CC) Vet1.19.4497
25thNorman Duck (Abbotsford Park RC) Vet1.19.4596
26thHerbie Roberts (Rhos-on-Sea) Vet1.20.49 &95
27thPauline Cooper (Trans Pennine CC) L/Vet1.36.1694
 Jason White (Huddersfield Star Wh)DNS 
 Dave Armstrong (Westmead Team 88)DNS 
 Thomas Brackin (Macclesfield Wh)DNS 
 Ged Campbell (Cyclesport International) VetDNS 
 Keith Richardson (Mildenhall CC)DNF punct 
 Dave Smith (Nottingham Clarion) VetDNS 
 Bryan Ackerley (Wrexham Roads)DNS 
 Arnie Bennett (Cyclesport International) VetDNS 
 Kevin Fletcher (Team Spirit) VetDNS 
 Peter Brewer (Stockport Clarion) VetDNS 
 Francis Grafton (Nottingham Clarion) VetDNS 
 Tony Farmborough (North Bucks RC) VetDNS 
 William Wright (Manchester Velo)DNS 

& = Herbie Roberts, includes a 3 min late start penalty.
+ = Duncan Mackenzie, includes a 9 min late start penalty.
Well done to all the riders and thankyou to Jim Ogden and the Altrincham Ravens CC for putting the event on.

Event 6, The Bedfordshire Road CC 25 was cancelled.

Event 7, Harp RC 25.

This event was held on a cool and windy morning but at least it was dry. Once again Ray Hughes came out on top with a stunning 58, Andy Stuart was second, once again just missing the magic hour barrier and Duncan Mackenzie was third. One interesting point to note, the top 5 riders in this event have finished in exactly the same order in the league. Also every rider on the start sheet started and finished, well done, Here is the full finishing order.

PosRiders name and clubActual timePoints
1stRay Hughes (Clarence Wh)58.38120
2ndAndy Stuart (Mildenhall CC)1.0.17119
3rdDuncan Mackenzie (Crewe Clarion Wh)1.3.09118
4thSteve Morris (Team Spirit)1.3.53117
5thNick Guy (Vegetarian C+AC)1.7.43116
6thRik Palmer (Stevenage CC)1.7.58115
7thMark Holden (Bedfordshire Road CC)1.9.57114
8thPaul Greer (Manchester Wh) * includes 37 second late start penalty. 1.10.12113
9thNorman Beaumont (Alton CC)1.12.37112
10thJohn Pearce (Bournmouth Jubilee Wh)1.13.21111
11thTony Farmborough (North Bucks RC)1.14.19110
12thBrian Foran (Lampard RC)1.18.58109
13thRichard Selly (North Bucks RC)1.19.33108
14thBernard Smith (Kettering CC)1.20.37107
15thMichael Richardson (Icknield RC)1.22.06106

Thanks to Richard Hutt and the Harp RC for putting this event on.

The final league table will appear here this evening.

Medium gear league 2001.

Here is the final league table.

Riders name and club
M+D 10Veg 10Diss25N,Bucks 25Ravens 25Bed's 25Harp 25Total
1stRay Hughes (Clarence WH) Vet--119120120-120479
2ndAndy Stuart (Mildenhall CC)120-118119117-119476
3rdDuncan Mackenzie (Crewe Clarion Whs)119--118107-118462
4thSteve Morris (Team Spirit)113--117114-117461
5thNick Guy (Vegetarian C+AC)107120-116--116459
6thTony Farmborough (North Bucks RC) Vet98119103---110430
7thR.A Selley (North Bucks RC) Vet96-102112--108418
8thMartin Trouse (Team Spirit)114--115110--339
9thJohn Pearce (Bournmouth Jubilee WH) Vet-117-111--111337
10thPaul Greer (Manchester Wh) Vet112---111-113336
11th=Norman Beaumont (Alton CC) Vet-118----112230
11th=Greg Dancer (Stone Wheelers) Vet115---115--230
13thM.Holden (Bedfordshire Road CC)--111---114225
14thPaul Radford (Trans Pennine CC)109---109--218
15thPeter Smith (Holme Valley Wh) Vet99---102--201
16thRichard Haigh (Holme Valley Wh) Vet95---98--193
17th Pauline Cooper (Trans Pennine CC) Lady V94---94--188
18thZak.Carr (
19thSteve Hulme (Manchester Wh)----119--119
20th=Adrian Thorpe (Duckinfield CC)118------118
20th=Chris Siepen (Seamons CC)----118--118
22nd=Paul Green (Westmead Team 88/Palletline)117------117
22nd=Bernard Smith (Kettering CC) Vet---110--`107117
22nd=Bobby.De'ath (CC Breckland)--117----117
25th=Steve Davis (Seamons CC)116------116
25th=Dave Parks (Coventry RC) Vet----116--116
25th=Rick Laws (Birkenhead Victoria CC)--116----116
28th=A.Stevenson (East Anglian CC) Vet--115----115
28th=Rik Palmer (Stevenage CC)------115115
30th=Keith Richardson (Mildenhall CC)---114---114
30th=R.Hunt (Eastern Region Velo) --114----114
32nd=John Markham (Kenton RC) Vet---113---113
32nd=Steve Wood (Holme Valley Wh) Vet----113--113
32nd=M Hudspith (Godric CC)--113----113
35th=Bryan Ackerley (Wrexham RC / Fibrax)112------112
35th=I.Dawson (CC Breckland) --112----112
35thIvor Wilde (Rhos-on-Sea) Vet----112--112
38th=P.Chambers (CC Breckland)--110----110
38th=Robert Shaw (Duckinfield CC) 110------110
40th=M.Ascroft (Cheltenham + Co CC)--109----109
40th=Brian Foran (Lampard RC)------109109
42nd=Ray Smeathers (Stone Wh) Vet----108--108
42nd=Kevin Fletcher (Team Spirit) Vet108------108
42nd=H.Sistern (Gt Yarmouth CC) Vet--108----108
45thN.Griffin (A.P.I Vet--107----107
46th=Dave Armstrong (Westmead Team 88/Palletline)106------106
46th=Michael Richardson (Icknield RC) Vet------106106
46th=Paul Reece (Wrekin Sport CC) Vet----106--106
46th=C.Ling (Diss + District CC)--106----106
50th=Peter Graham (Lancashire RC) Vet105------105
50th=Finbar O'Keefe (Wrekin Sport CC)----105--105
50th=M.Nye (Diss + District CC)--105----105
53rd=A.Pearson (Wolsey RC)--104----104
53rd=Jim Ogden (Altrincham Ravens CC) Vet----104--104
53rd=John Burston (ABC Centreville) Vet104------104
56th=Alan Hodgkinson (Huddersfield Star WH) Vet----103--103
56th=Arnie Bennett (Cyclesport International RT) Vet103------103
58thJohnathan Foott (Westmead Team 88/Palletline)102------102
59th=C.Willmets (Team Cambridge) Lady / Vet--101----101
59th=Thomas Brackin (Macclesfield Wheelers)101------101
59th=Mark Ragan (Rochdale Triathlon)----101--101
62nd=B.Foster (Norwich Amateur BC) Vet--100----100
62nd=Mark Dennison (Team Spirit)----100--100
62nd=Graham Neagus (Crewe Clarion Whs)100------100
65th=Kathryn Smith (Nottingham Clarion) L/Vet----99--99
65th=C.Hutchinson (Anglia Velo) Lady--99----99
67thC.Willmets (Team Cambridge) Vet--98----98
68th=Tony Millinton (Buxton CC) Vet----97--97
68th=R.Lynch (East Anglian CC) Vet--97----97
68th=Michael Stubbs (Newcastle RC 2001) Vet97------97
71stNorman Duck (Abbotsford Park RC) Vet----96--96
72ndHerbie Roberts (Rhos-on Sea) Vet----95--95
73rdDavid Steele (Lyme Racing Club) Vet93------93

Prize Winners.

Ray Hughes (Clarence Wh)
479 points.
Andy Stuart (Mildenhall CC)
476 points.
Duncan Mackenzie (Crewe Clarion Wh)
462 points

First Lady

Pauline Cooper

Trans Pennine CC

188 points.

First Vet

Tony Farmborough

North Bucks RC

430 points.

First team - Team Spirit, 908 points.

Steve Morris
461 points
Martin Trouse
339 points
Kevin Fletcher
108 points

Engraved medals will be awarded to all prize winners.

Well, thats another one out of the way, I hope all the riders enjoyed the events. A big thankyou to all the riders for supporting the league and another thankyou to the event organisers. I have had three enquiries from new clubs wishing to promote a medium gear event, so I hope to have more events to offer next year. Good luck for the rest of the season and remember, Dont overgear.